Your questions on Si-Bell menstrual cup use

On this page, please find the most frequent asked questions on menstrual cups topic. If you don’t find the answer to your own question do not hesistate to send us an email using our contact form.

Where can I find a Si-Bell menstrual cup in size M?
There is no Si-Bell in size M. Si-Bell is only available in two sizes: S (small one) and L (large one).
Should I sterilize my cup only at the begin and at the end of my period, or for each use?
Generally, silicone doesn’t allow germs proliferation.

However, we advise to sterilize your cup at the begining and at the end of your period to hygiene and upkeep reasons. Yet, you can sterilise your cup more regurlarly while using it, if you want.

N.B: it is important to keep your hands clean before using your cup.

I did not have a child, but I have an abundant flow, can I use the size L?
You can use the size that suit you better.
We only give advise regarding the choice of the size according to a majority of women, but both sizes whatever your age and your maternity history can be adapted to yourself.
If you don’t have any leakage while using the size L, that means that this size correctly marry your vagina wall, and that succion effect is present.
I have never had sex, can I use a menstrual cup?
Please refer to your gynecologist advices.
I had a caesarean, which size should I use?
If you have less than 30 years you should use the S size.

If you have more than 30 years you should use the L size.

I find the stem too long, can I cut it?
If you find your Si-Bell menstrual cup too long, you can cut the stem. Little ball on the stem will help you to cut it progressively.
Be careful using scissors to not damage your cup.
Keep in mind that you need to be confortable while introducing and removing your cup as the stem facilitate these steps.
I can not remove my cup, what should I do?

Please, at first be sure that you have correctly read the Si-Bell user guide.

Keep calm, you need to be relax to remove your SI-BELL cup. Whilst your Si-Bell is inside your vagina, it is maintained by your vaginal muscles. Tension will only make the removal more difficult.

Please, refer to the ‘HOW TO REMOVE YOUR Si-Bell’ section of our user guide.

What is the average life span of the Si-Bell menstrual cup?

The Si-Bell cup has a life span of around 5 to 10 years. While using your cup, it is possible that the appearance of your cup tarnishes. This doesn’t change its effectiveness, but do not hesitate to get a new cup if you prefer.

What is toxic shock syndrome?

The Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is considered as a serious disease, sometimes fatal. It is caused by a bacterial toxin associated with ‘Staphylococcus aureus’. The TSS is often correlated to tampons.

TSS symptoms are similar to those of the flu. If you experience one of these symptoms when using the Si-Bell, remove it and contact immediately your doctor.