Why choose our SI-BELL cup instead of another?

For our transparency. Si-Bell is produced by a company, named Sterne and based in the South-East of France in Cavaillon. The company is specialized in the manufacture of silicone products, and more particularly of medical devices.

For its flexibility. We offer one of the most flexible cup of the market. This flexibility facilitates its folding and its insertion, it is ideal for beginners. More flexible, it is more “malleable” inside your vagina and perfectly follows your movements. Well inserted, you will not feel it.

For its design. No, the Si-Bell cup is not a bell! With a streamlined design for an optimal comfort, only vertical streaks have been made to facilitate its folding, and thus its insertion.  A “soft touch” touch finish giving a peach skin effect makes the Si-Bell menstrual cup even softer!

For its expertise. The Si-Bell cup rubs the shelves since 2011, and users trust us since its launch:

Thank you for being part of this adventure!