How to use our Si-Bell Cup?

Always be sure to use your cup under optimal hygiene conditions. Always have your hands clean and your cup sterilized before use.

Sterilization method

To insert your SI-BELL menstrual cup, adopt a position that suits you and relax. Do not force to insert your cup avoiding to get hurt.

When removing the cup, remove it little bite by little bite without forgetting to cancel the “sucker” effect by pitching it slidely at the base.

Could I wear the Si-Bell menstrual cup....
… before my periods ? YES Yes, to prevent leakage.
… during my periods ? YES Yes, empty SI-Bell every 4 to 8 hours. Best practice is no more than 6 hours.
… when going to the the bathroom ? YES Yes, you can.
… when using a contraceptive mean such as coil ? ? We recommend asking your doctor.
… when doing sport ? YES Yes, Si-Bell is an effective protection.
… with abundant bleeding ? YES Yes, you only need to empty Si-Bell more often.
… at night, when sleeping ? YES Yes, you can. We advise you to empty it regularly.
… While having sex ? NO No, it is unadvised to wear Si-Bell during penetration.
… if I have experienced or experience TSS symptoms? ? We advise you to contact your doctor before use.

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