How to care and clean your Si-Bell menstrual cup ?

In order to care your SI-BELL cup, you should store it away from dust and  objects that could damage, cut or pierce it.

You should sterilize it for about 10 minutes before and after each menstrual cycle(periods), by boiling it in apan full of water.

You can also, if you have several cups, sterilize it between each use.

While using it, we advise you to rince your cup with cold water using or not intmate soap.

To maintain the “suction” effect of the cup, and therefore its effectiveness against leaks, ensure that all the holes at the top of your cup are fully outlets.

What can damage my Si-Bell Cup?
Never use the following products (they may damage your Si-Bell or cause vaginal irritation):
  Petrol based substances such as Vaseline
  Essantial oils such as tea trees oil
X    Harsh cleaners
X    Perfumed soap
How to sterilize my menstrual cup?
 Choose one of the following methods:

 Boil your Si-Bell for 5 to 7 minutes in an allocated pan, with sufficient water to cover the whole cup.

Do not boil dry!

 Soak your Si-Bell in a sterilizing solution (>5% sodium hypochloride) respecting manufacturer’s guidelines. Do not exceed the sterilization time (usually between 7 and 10 minutes). 
Use a steam sterilizer.